Two teams to choose from:

SISU or GRYT Gravel Teams

Both offer the same amazing benefits:

- Access to beautiful Champion System team specific kit and accessories
- Mighty Networks private platform for information and communication
- Access to team-only sponsor discounts and webinars
- Activations at specific gravel events
- Community
- And more

How do I choose?

  • Empowerment

    You're a woman or gender-expansive. Joining SISU allows you to join a group that strongly supports and empowers women and those who often feel unwelcome in cycling. Originally designed to be a women-only team, we recognized that gender expansive folx would also benefit from a safe, supportive environment. Together, we can break barriers and overcome any obstacles, celebrating the achievements and successes of our team members.

  • Community

    In SISU, you'll find a supportive network of individuals who understand, uplift, and encourage each other, creating connections that last a lifetime. Connecting and supporting individuals who share your love of cycling and aspirations is an invaluable experience. #UnitedWeRide

  • Networking Opportunities

    Networking is crucial for growth, and SISU provides a platform to connect with exceptional people from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experiences. Forge meaningful connections with mentors, potential clients, and collaborators who can open doors to new opportunities. Networking for both teams will happen on Mighty Networks.

  • New to Gravel and Gravel Veterans

    SISU is not performance-based in any way. Whether you are ready to ride 2, 20, or 200 miles, we welcome you. From the gravel curious to the podium winner...we can all share and learn from each other.

  • Representation

    When I came to gravel, I quickly realized that there were fewer women than men. I also realized that if you added a non-podium body to that mix, we were even less. As a nontraditional-sized cyclist, I know what it is like not to be seen. SISU is a team that I am passionate about. I want others to have a place to network, find support, and grow. This team is FOR YOU!


  • Everyone

    GRYT is for everyone who rides gravel. From the far front of the pack to the last rider to cross the line, we welcome you. Join as an individual, or get your group of friends to join. Grow your cycling circle.

  • Camaraderie

    Like SISU the camaraderie will be strong on this team. Most events will be done with both teams at the same time. Join a team that encourages you as you train, gives you high fives virtually and waits for you at the finish line. It is more than just a jersey! Team means that we support each other!

  • Networking Opportunities

    Networking for both teams will happen on Mighty Networks. If you are not familiar I think you will love it! Not only will we have weekly calls with our supporting partner brands but we will also have a business district to help promote business that we feel will help the team.

  • New to Gravel and Gravel Veterans

    GRYT is not a performance-based team. We want you to get after it in whatever way resonates with you. Whether you are ready to ride 2, 20, or 200 miles, we have a place for you. From the gravel curious to the podium winner...there is a spot for you!


What are the differences in the teams?

SISU is for women and individuals who often feel unwelcome and/or uncomfortable in cycling, like gender-expansive folx. SISU is created to be a safe, supportive community for people to connect, ask questions, and feel good about showing up.

GRYT is a team for EVERYONE! Join as an individual or with your group of cycling friends and expand your cycling friend network.

What does SISU mean?

SISU is Finnish for resilience in the face of adversity.

What are the differences in the membership options and pricing?

Membership Only ($99) includes all partner discounts, educational calls, event meet ups with the team and communication. You will have the option to add team apparel later.

Full Membership ($300) *BEST VALUE* includes everything you get with the $99 Membership Only PLUS you get a $300 credit to purchase Champion System team apparel.

What does it mean to have sponsors?

The teams are supported by our sponsors. We are presented by Champion System and Powered by The Feed. Both teams also have a long list of amazing sponsors. It is much more than just offering the team discounts. The partner brands will support you at events, host educational calls, give you one-on-one help if needed and offer discounts. In some cases, when new products are released, you will also have access to those products before the public.

The Feed will have specific live calls with both teams to discuss event-specific hydration/nutrition for Unbound, SBT, and Mid South. There is also 1:1 nutritional coaching available to the teams AND a $20 per quarter credit for use in the store!

I am new to gravel and don't know if I even know the right questions to ask.

We all started out somewhere. These teams and sponsor brands will meet you where you are on your journey and support you in whatever way you need.

Am I supposed to commit a certain amount of time to this team?

There are no expectations regarding your time commitments or how much you need to be involved. You can be as deeply or lightly engaged as you like. If you are busy and just want to check in sporadically, that is great, too!

What does being on these teams really mean?

Our teams mean belonging to a group of individuals who come together to pursue their passion for cycling. Your team experience may involve training together if you choose, participating in an event together, or simply joining together on the Mighty Network Channel. What you put into the team is completely up to you.

How will the team communicate with each other?

The primary form of communication will be through Mighty Networks. If you are not familiar with it, we believe you will love it. This will change the team networking in a very positive manner. Our partner brands will each have a space where you can easily research the brands, watch videos, chat with teammates, and not have to search your emails for all of the information.

If you have a business, you can highlight it in the business directory in the network. We are all about supporting each other.

What makes these teams different?

"When I came to cycling it did not take me long to find that the elite rider had a variety of opportunities, but the back of the pack were the least spoken to group. It is my mission to change that. I know that you are here, working hard and wanting to be part of the community. " -Crystal

These teams don't intend to replace anything you are currently doing. We want to enhance your cycling experience. Team SISU will be the first team open to all women and the gender-expansive community with no expectation of time, performance, or ability level.

Both teams will have the entry rider to the pointy end of national-level events. The teams will support each other online and in person.

I use products from or ride a bike brand that are competitors of the teams' sponsors. Will that be a problem?

No. Of course, our sponsors would love for you to consider their products. But more so, they are here to support you. What you choose for equipment is entirely up to you.

Presenting our 2024 Sponsors and Partners.

Champion System

The Feed

DT Swiss





Ventum Bikes

IRC Tires


Chamois Butt'r

H20 Audio

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