About Us

"I believe that cycling should be for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, or background. It's important to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and comfortable. Diversity in cycling not only adds richness to our community, but it also encourages more people to get involved and embrace the joy of riding a bike. Let's break down barriers and create a space where everyone can flourish and contribute to the cycling world." - Ayesha McGowan

  • Crystal Kovacs

    By mile 67 I was cooked. Tired, hot, cramped and absolutely in love with riding gravel.


    The gravel cycling community welcomed me as I was, nothing
    extra or missing…just ride what you brought and enjoy it! That’s what my family tells me, enjoy each pedal stroke.


    Founded by me, Crystal’s Gravel Teams ,want you to discover
    exactly what I did. A lifelong, inclusive activity that everyone can enjoy and now with amazing advantages.


    I didn’t know about coaching, gear, nutrition or bikes. I
    just wanted to ride a new adventure and we have found an entire new community with a similar mindset.


    Join me and my team of approachable industry experts
    with deep discounts on not only price but of extremely high value. We make it fun, exciting, and safe.


    Come rediscover yourself on your terms and with our expertise.

    #myadventureredefinedme #unitedweride #sisugravel

  • Susan Cronin

    After competing in my first cyclocross race in 2013, I knew I had
    found my people—absolute joy and acceptance of everyone participating.


    I soon discovered this same experience in gravel. 150 miles is my longest ride to date, and I know I never need to ride that far again. But what I do know is that I want to share my love of gravel with everyone. In 2022, I co-founded Grounded Nebraska, an inclusive summer camp-style gravel event held just south of Lincoln, Nebraska.

    In 2023, I became the owner of Champion System USA, a custom cycling, triathlon, run, and casual apparel company. The cycling industry has long been a male-dominated industry. I am proud that Champion System USA is a woman-owned, women-led company- over half of our staff are women.

    I am thrilled to join Crystal in creating teams to continue spreading this joy found in community and gravel.

    Come ride and hang with us.